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We aim to become everyone's personal financial guide and guardian

MoneySmart Group is South East Asia's leading personal finance portal helping consumers compare loans, insurance and credit cards.

You have life goals to meet and want to get ahead. It could be about choosing the right credit card for your needs, selecting the right mortgage plan for your first home or managing a savings plan for successful retirement. You have tonnes of decisions to make but time, money and energy are limited resources. On top of that, there are so many banks out there trying to sell you their products. How then do you make sense of the flood and complexity of information without feeling like you’re getting screwed over?

At MoneySmart, we’ve made it our mission to simplify your personal finance decisions. As everyday consumers ourselves, we understand your expectations, hopes and concerns and we've built MoneySmart.sg in Singapore and DuitPintar.com in Indonesia as the go-to, all-in-one portals for personal finance.

The weekly Friday company lunches, occasional wine nights, and company-wide trips abroad emphasise MoneySmart not only as a place that believes in delivering excellent work, but also in creating a bond within the company that everyone grows and advances together.

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Jiale Tan
Account Executive, Singapore


The people behind MoneySmart

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Vinod Nair
CEO & Founder

To visit New Zealand, and start a family!
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Adrian Yuen
Chief Content Officer

To move to a new home that meets all my family's needs
Thumb avatar 1474972218
Nicolas Ramsay
Chief Operating Officer

Run the Tokyo Marathon in less than 4 hours
Thumb avatar 1484036136
Matt Lambie
Chief Technology Officer

My BJJ black belt, after 13 years
Thumb avatar 1476438519
Adinda Ruth Karina
Social Media Executive

To see Forum DuitPintar grow to be the no #1 online personal finance community in Indonesia!
Thumb avatar 1475547812
Florian Cornu

To make teams more productive through fun workshops, trainings and content
Thumb avatar 1476437136
Mirfak Aulia
Bizdev manager

To make DuitPintar the Top of Mind financial comparison platform in Indonesia.
Thumb avatar 1475079674
Jiale Tan
Account Executive

To complete a trekking trip to Nepal, Hot Air Balloon ride in Turkey & Skydiving off a plane anywhere!
Thumb avatar 1475047558
David Ee-Qiang Baey
Head of Mortgage

To look like my profile pic by the end of the year
Thumb avatar 1475079396
Abel Lee
Head of Insurance

To visit the holy land of Israel
Thumb avatar 1475060563
Peter Lin

To save up for San Diego Comic-Con (and also, Disneyland!)
Thumb avatar 1475079604
Ipsita Basu
Senior Business Analyst

To organize dinner parties where I cook fusion recipes for strangers
Thumb avatar 1475080075
Samantha de Guzman
Design Manager

To graduate from doggie paddling to actual swimming
Thumb avatar 1475120123
Mark Cheng

To start investing my CPF money, and watch a live Arsenal game at the Emirates Stadium
Thumb avatar 1475145021
Teresa Wong
Senior Account Executive

To read and write and capture life's moments a little more often
Thumb avatar 1476437406
Hirma Prasidya
Account Executive

To eat more and worry less
Thumb avatar 1476437893
Ronald Hariyanto

To work overseas and launch my platform project
Thumb avatar 1475142886
Romnick Alegonza
Lead Developer
Thumb avatar 1475143358
Shi Wei Tan
Performance Marketer

To save up enough for a 2 month trip to Iran & Central Asia
Thumb avatar 1476437964
Edo Muhardo

To lead a better life, be a better person and become closer to God
Thumb avatar 1475156192
Hwee Ling Ng
Office Manager

To arrange a family trip and get my parents out of the house!
Thumb avatar 1475145387
Muhammad Ali
Product Manager

To visit Iceland!
Thumb avatar 1476438091
Ignes Nathania Widjaja

To save enough for a trip to Europe and UK by end of the year
Thumb avatar 1475142732
Michael Theo Mutia
Relationship Manager

To learn how to read and speak Japanese
Thumb avatar 1476325616
Vidya Nair
Community Manager

To buy a flat (my very own crib) and to downsize! Live with less for more focus and embrace a more conscious living lifestyle.
Thumb avatar 1476438012
Arief Rachman Ibrahim
Comunity Specialist

To become healthier by getting in shape, and establish my own startup
Thumb avatar 1476437188
Gita Mayang Sari Burnama
Content Manager

To make Duipintar's content way more advanced and attractive, with video content channels
Thumb avatar 1476437334
Nur Vitriani
Operations Manager

To launch a new business and apply for a master degree
Thumb avatar 1476438047
Dwi Kurniasari
Product Analyst

To complete my home renovation, and travel to Mecca
Thumb avatar 1476437925
Jimmy Samanda Rasu

To be trully passionate and crazy
Thumb avatar 1476437990
Tyas Fanny Yulianty

To become a better writer, renovate my house, and finishing my first novel
Thumb avatar 1476438123
Elna Suci Indah
Customer Service

To earn more and and lead a better life
Thumb avatar 1476438157
Ghia Galuh Gumilang
Customer Service

To buy a motorcycle and become an entreperneur
Thumb avatar 1476440719
Jasmadi Ramadhan
Customer Service Manager

To be debt free by the end of 2017!
Thumb avatar 1476441574
Rio Hendra Novantoro
Customer Service

To get married and start my own business
Thumb avatar 1498531265
Ian Im
Head of Talent

To influence MoneySmart Group to be an amazing place to work.

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